Starting a business is often challenging, especially when you need money to do everything. If you are a small business in need of digital marketing, how can you stand out online without having to take a huge chunk of your budget?

Strategies that work with a small budget

I had a very little business and it appeared that when I looked on Google search, I found out that there were so many people doing the same thing I was doing. How do I use digital marketing to make my small business stand out of the crowd? 

This was going to be a hard nut to crack if I was going to get anything about the business started. Here are 3 practical things that worked for me and are still effective today.

 1. Use SEO tools

The cool thing about the online world is that no matter how you start and how much of the same business are online, there is still room for many more and for you; especially if you know the exact steps to take.

But the first step is to know exactly what to do. If you don’t know you would hit the wrong target or hit the right target and still miss. 

What is SEO? SEO is only relevant to what online searchers are looking for. For instance; people would need to be searching for words or phrases like “Digital Marketing” or “Digital marketing for SME” to make it a necessary keyword. If not, it is useless to the line of my business, the same for you for your industry.

This is why we can’t afford to just runoff assuming, some keywords are relevant when they are not. You have to check to trend and relevant keywords. This way, you can always use to set out keywords that you need to carefully map out your content. A great keyword tool is the Google Keyword Planner.

 2Stick to long tail keywords

If you are just coming to the party, there is no point fighting with the old guys. You might wonder why? This is because they have a stronger foundation.  If you are a digital marketing company, it would be too expensive to use just words and phrases; this is because so many other companies that have been here longer are gunning for them.

Google would not bring up your website that is new when there is a more experienced website with more information.

This is you will need to go to the place where there are fewer fishes in the sea. “Long tail keywords.” Also, long tail keywords have other advantages apart from simply giving you more room to compete; they actually have a higher conversion rate in the conversion funnel.

 A lot of people that search with more precision have a high likely hood of converting when they find what they are looking for.

3.      3.Created a niche with my keywords in tags and across platforms

Take some time to pick out long tail keywords with a high volume of search rates as shown in the keyword planner. Then you begin to use them for your content. The content in this context refers to your blog, social media content and advertisement content.

 If you can align your keywords to make them revolve around a particular point, you would be able to optimize your website properly in the short run.

An important Tip

Finally, don’t forget that consistency is the killer ingredient in this strategy. These 3 SEO digital marketing tips for small businesses would only be best effective when you continue to make a regular post, updates and fine tuning to your website sites and your other product platforms.

We would love to hear what works for you and if you apply these principles; how it works for you.

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