The internet is a shark eats the small fish situation, your product just have to be relevant to customer needs. Except even in the sea, the small fishes know what to do to stay alive.  

I have heard so many people complain that their Facebook ads aren’t converting and that is why I decided to put together this post.

Facebook has improved a lot when it comes to its ads targeting, data gathering and consumer learning strategies such that they should even guarantee you much more results if you apply them rightly.

Note: When you want to Place and AD on facebook, don’t just start, you must read, research about Facebook ads best practices and pitfalls to avoid.

Most people that have plunged into placing ads without adequate testing and research have been burnt badly. One of those people is me; I have lost hundreds of dollars doing Facebook Ads without getting the expected return before I learned the hard lesson and started reaping huge benefits. To avoid this I would show reasons why your Facebook Ads are not converting and how you can avoid them.

What every Facebook Advertiser should know

Placing Ads or Advertisement is a form of marketing that should be done with a clear goal in mind, it should monitored and placed using the right strategy, aligned to the business goals and all components of it which include; graphics, Ad copy, targeting process and call-to-action should be considered carefully before chosen.

Here are 5 reasons in 2019 why your Facebook Ads are not converting        1. Call-to-action and Ad Copy Relationship – you are asking users to sign up for something doesn’t clearly state their commercial benefit.

2. Your chosen target audience- You are targeting an audience that doesn’t understand or can’t afford to click on your call-to-action

3. Your Facebook Ad image- A dull image that is saying too many things.

 4. The content of your Facebook Ad copy- Promising many things at the same time

5. Timing and Ad duration – You Ads are running at the wrong time and ending too Soon

As you consider these reasons, bear in mind that your definition of conversion might differ, because you might be trying to generate leads, so you just want people to click the learn more button or you want them to react your Ad, it could also be Buy now, sign up or call now.

1. Call-to-action and Ad Copy Relationship – you are asking users to sign up for something doesn’t clearly state their commercial benefit.

Call to actions that require instant conversion like Buy now, call now or sign up should state very clear benefits like a huge slash on price, or a product that the audience already knows, it could also be a product that is helping them make money or related to this angle. Telling users to signup when you just told them about your new a product might just be too much and they would just rather scroll over, nobody wants this.

Correction:  The call-to-action button could be; learn more and the landing page you provide can still, offer them much better services and better descriptions that would ensure conversion.

2. Your chosen target audience (You can target an audience that don’t understand or can’t afford to click on your call-to-action)

Taking time to choose the right the audience is very important, but often a lot of people make the mistake of choosing an audience that is either too broad or large depending on their product and Ad goal.  For instance, you want to offer digital marketing services to businesses.

The first step is to understand what you want to achieve, if you want them to sign up for a package or call you, then you should ask yourself which segment of your target audience already understand digital marketing service or would understand your ad copy enough to sign up or call you immediately.

Correction: In this case rather than go wide, you should consider focusing on a specific audience that you know can pay for the service. Then you tailor your ad copy to that audience. If you are not going for a steeper call to action then you can go for a broader audience.

3. Your Facebook Ad image- A dull image that is saying too many things.

Even Facebook doesn’t allow an image with too many inscriptions, which is even an advantage to you. You have just a few seconds to catch the attention of your audience and you can miss it with a dull image. Research shows that over 50% of Facebook users react to ads that are brightly designed.

Correction– The design should basically reflect the core idea of the business proposition. Ensure your design is as bright and catchy as possible. You can use Gif, infographics that are fun and trendy.

4.The content of your Facebook Ad copy- Promising many things at the same time (Be precise about your value proposition)

There are a lot of Ad copys that are promising so many things at the same time. As much as you might think that you want to give customers all your services at the same time, all you achieved is an audience with more questions.  This translates to No conversion. As the internet fever spreads, the world is even becoming more cynical, you would have to clear about what you do.

Correction– Tell your audience, the pain point you know they face, state the problem (which is their pain point), tell them how you can achieve a solution for them. Add a numerical estimation of problem or solution (optional). You can use this to make a great Ad cop

5. Timing and Ad duration – You Ads are running at the wrong time and ending too Soon

Timing is very important in Facebook ad placement. While you might also get your ads to run all day, remember that your budget might still affect the number of people it is shown to, all day.  Also running ads for a short period of time can also affect your conversion rate.

Correction: So instead of making the timing so broad, make it narrow, so it can show during the time when your target audience is mostly online.

If you can correct these 5 huge mistakes, you can begin to see much more conversion from your facebook adverts. With Ads on Facebook, you can reach the audience faster and cheaper when compared to other forms of an online advert.

Don’t know where to start? Let’s help you.

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