Ever heard the adage “Content is King?” Your ability to reach anyone online would be determined by the kind of content and the amount of content you have on your website. 

With millions of people feeding the internet with different kinds of content daily, the fight for the consumer’s attention is getting stiffer. 

However, internet users, on the other hand, are always looking for content to answer their questions or satisfy their needs.  

Question: Is your own content, related to your product and service, visible for people to find?

The only way people can find your business or service is when you have content about it. If you haven’t delivered content about it then you would be missing at the top. 

Four Benefits of producing content for your website.

1. Visibility

With over 5.6 billion searches are made daily, you would be losing out on potential customers if your business is not found at the top pages. Without content on your website, a lot of people would not be able to find your business.

You would not be visible to them. Having content about what you do, helps the search engine understand that you have information and credibility about the product or service that you are trying to sell.

2. Potential customer acquisition

Google data shows that 50% of the people who buy products want to first make a research about the product before they go ahead to buy the product.

 Most of your potential customers would only find you because you wrote content about the product or service that you sell. You might just have to give out a bit of free advice for you to be able to get something as a reward, and that would be a potential customer.

3. Build trust  

       Just by people reading genuine information on your website, you would find that your potential customers would begin to trust you even more. Because your content which is basically articles are showing that you have authority in that area. So they are confident to ask you questions because they see that you already have knowledge in that area by reading the articles.

  4. Increase sales

     The fastest ways to increase sales online are to build content on your website. When you have succeeded in attracting visibility, and potential customers, you can now easily build trust and therefore increase sales.

  However, to enjoy the benefits of content writing for your website, you would have to do it right. 

Over time in the marketing industry, we have finally come to the realization that if you write content without quality and strategy, you would be wasting precious time. 

  Below, is how to effectively write content that would rank on Google and drive traffic to your website.

6 key steps to write SEO content effectively to rank on Google

   1.   Research keywords

The first thing you would ask yourself when you decide to write an article is “what do I want to write about and how is it relevant to my audience.”  Remember that you are not just putting information out there but information that your audience needs.

These could be in any industry from fashion to food. You can know about what people are searching for in your industry by using Google search trends. With this you can see topics in your industry that people are mostly searching for, this can help you generate ideas for articles. 

Then you can use tools like Google keyword planner to research on keywords to use, based on search trends and suggestions by keyword planner.

There are also other paid tools like semrush and Ahref that can help you generate keywords that are trending for your articles. You can use them to see, primary and secondary keywords. Remember that the era of stuffing keywords came to an end, last year when Google changed its search algorithm to only bring relevant results based on other better indices.

 Just focus on using your keywords at least 3-4 times throughout your article depending on the length of it and of course it should reflect on your topic.  So if keywords stuffing are not helping, what are? The next step would tell us.

3. Research LSI words

LSI (Latent schematic indexing) is a strategy that Google introduced last year to better understand if a written content truly talks about what a searcher is trying to find. This way it ignores the keywords you use, but it looks at your contextual idea.

A brief explanation of LSI for dummies

LSI  strategy used by Google is done in such a way that Google can know if your article actually contains the answer that a searcher is looking for. By checking if your article contains some keywords that should be in an article that has information about a particular question or search. For instance, if we are writing about Digital marketing, LSI keywords that are expected would be “SEO” “Marketing automation tools” “keywords”  “Social media” and words around that theme.

Before you begin your article you can use free tools like keyword hunter to check for LSI keywords for topics that you want to write about. Order paid tools like semrush can also give you adequate suggestion. But for me, keyword hunter does the work just fine.

       4. Research content

Once you are ready with your keywords and LSI words, then you have to ensure that you have adequate information about what you want to write about by researching about it. 

Naturally, if you write well on your topic, you will find that you would have already added most of the LSI keywords necessary. But having a list of LSI words by your side can also help you know what you have not added.

 5. Structure your content properly

The arrangement of your content is also very important. That is how easy is it for readers to dive through and see what they are searching for.

Just in case a reader just wants to know about a particular subtopic in the main topic he is reading, can he do that quickly. A great article should have an introduction, and then a midsection that gives readers bullet points or subheadings based on the subject matter. Then you should also have a conclusion. 

(Note: You don’t have to write the conclusion as a subheading.)

 6Interlink properly

Linking your articles properly is also a good way to make your articles even more credible. After you have writing a good article with all the necessary keywords, you should add interlinks in the article that could lead to another part of the blog that has a better explanation for a word in the article or so. This makes your blog easy to go through and can also help to improve your ranking.

  7. Backlink properly

Backlinks are even more important, using a backlink is the act of getting linking from another website to your blog through a word they might have mentioned in their article. For instance, If I linked Ahref in this article, I would have backlinked them. It is like getting a shout out from a person on TV and if it is a popular person you might even get popular too. Backlinks are a great way to build credibility online, as they are also a major factor when it comes to Google ranking.

To get backlinks you can offer to write for websites or write bloggers or website owners if they would be willing to backlink you. It is better to only get backlinks from credible sites if not Google might actually see it as a scam. SO beware of sites that sell backlinks. Actually, a good source of a backlink is worth 1,000 crappy backlink. You can write to them stating that you wrote an article about something they talked about and if they would be willing to backlink you on an article they have written.

If you use these steps to write an article, you should get great results from those articles very soon. Remember to start from the bottom in that sequence. Keep building articles like this and you would find yourself in a very good rank on google. It is quite practical and easy, no pun intended. If you want one of our professional writer to help you out, contact us and We would do a free SEO content proposal for you.

Happy content writing!

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