One of the first things that you must get right for your SEO to work is that you must understand your keywords. These keywords are very relevant in how Google index your site, and you can start optimizing your site, even from the web pages itself.

There are few tools that can help you get suggestions on keywords that are being used by searchers for your industry.  Once you understand your keywords, you must divide them into 2 levels; the first level is high search rate keywords and unique but low search rate keywords. While they are both important you must choose the one that you would prioritize the most. The keywords should be used in your meta-descriptions, image naming, and content.

The Dynamics of keywords

The dynamics of keywords was basically the root of all Google searches, but not anymore.
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Get Tailored Digital Marketing Packages for Your Business

Nevertheless, there still remains the buzz for keywords as it still forms a big chunk of the factors that influence Google ranking.  Having knowledge of the keywords that are searched for by Google users can help you provide relevant content in that manner, or rather structure your content in that manner. While there are other factors, such as domain age, site map and others.  

Positioning relevant keywords in the right areas can greatly optimize your website. Keywords are direct pointers to what your website is all about; it is important that when a Google user is searching for a particular keyword, he is taken to a website that delivers that particular product, service or information and can also deliver relevant data to that search query.

Failure to do this would be defeating the purpose of the search engine. A website, allows itself to be easily identified as providing that particular content.

Identify your Market share Goal

Keywords can help you track how many potential customers you have and decide how you can have a share your market percentage.  It’s quite easy to see the number of people that are searching for your product or services. Having information about your keywords would help you know these numbers and see how you get a substantial amount of these numbers to your website.

It can help you see what you are not doing right and track your conversion rates. It easy for you to measure general potential inflow against traffic inflow, and against traffic that converts. You can now see what the website traffic that converts search for and focuses more on those keywords that bring about that particular traffic.

We know SEO can be quite a handful, with Google changing the way the search algorithm works at any time, you always have to keep abreast of these changing facts. Yes, it can be tiring and exhaustive but just as Google says; it is for the best.

You don’t need to focus intensively on your SEO when you can get SEO plan to take care of your business. You might be starting your business and you wondering about basic SEO steps that you must get right, even from the beginning to help you start the journey of consistent optimization.

Relevant SEO content 

Finally, you must prepare to deliver relevant and informative content regularly. This is one way to steadily increase your ranking in your domain.  Once you have decided to optimize your website, content is king and it must be well optimized with keywords. You should also create an XML map to help Google understand the pages that are linked to your site and crawl through your website better.

Summarily, plan to measure your progress, to see what works for you and how you can change it. There are so many SEO tools available to help you.

Author: Winifred Omelogu

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