There are many tools available to help you improve the quality of your search engine optimization. Of course most times the question is; which is trustworthy? How accurate is the information? And is it better to use a paid or free version. Generally paid versions come with a lot of more features, so this is often better, but yet the free version do as much as the same thing.

What you would learn

·         Tool used to check the speed of your website

·         Tool used to understand keywords and their ranks

·         Tool used for broken links check up

·         Tool used for future marketing planning

·         How to get  your website Ranked organically while spending less

As startups, the aim is always to achieve more, with less possible resources. These tools are available to ensure that Search Engine Optimization is easier for you to achieve for your website.  

One exciting tool is the Google webmaster tool, I personally like this tool and rank it first, because it’s from Google, so it is much more accurate than any other that offer the same service.  It helps you see what Google is seeing and translating your website to be; faults such as bugs can be detected.

Free tools that would help you set up your website SEO

Google Webmaster Tool to check the speed of your website

You can use the Google speed insight to understand your website speed, as this is another factor that impacts on your traffic. You can be doing everything right and having this shoot you on your ankle.  When a user is sent to a particular website, it sends a negative sign, if the website is taking a long time to load. Searchers can be bounced back because of this. The Google webmaster tool also shows you the responsiveness of your site on devices; including mobile and desktop. You can get your website to open faster, so as to achieve better conversion results.

Google keyword planner to understand keywords and their ranks

Google keyword planner tool can helps you have an idea of keywords that have being used in your industry recently, mostly between a period of 30-40 days. It helps you see keywords that are highly searched for and those that are not. This way you can add these keywords to your keyword list and use them for your website optimization, your article optimization and also your Google adverts if you are starting out on that. Most of the times, people only tell you to use the keyword planner when you are trying to set up an advert. But this is also extremely useful for organic content and social media optimization.

 Google trend future marketing planning

Google trend shows you potential in each of your key words and also words that are likely to trend soon in your industry. Google trend is very useful when you are doing a marketing plan; this helps to be better prepared for the coming future.


You should also use a broken link tool to check out broken links on your website.  Other tools like website analyzer and SEO site checkup would help you score your site in general to improve SEO.   There are different pages in your website, but you must agree with me that the most important page on the website is that which leads to conversion. Most of your web pages would link to that page, which is very important; this is why you must ensure that no link is broken.

Godspeed on your work on SEO

Would love to hear from you on what is working for you.

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